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Change of Scenery

GOOD morning! I am having an absolute glorious start to my Saturday…and hope you are too : ) I mentioned late last night that I had a long appointment with the pavement in the morning [a.k.a. a long run]. You also may know that I’ve been planning to run a 10-mile race tomorrow. It wouldn’t make much sense to go for a long run before a race, would it? So here’s the update: Due to the unfortunate circumstance of losing our family friend this past Thursday, I decided to forgo this one race in order to attend her service. With the race at 2:00pm and the service at 3:00pm – 45 minutes away from each other – there was no logistical way I could do both. There will always be more races.

That being said, I talked my regular Humboldt running gals into running 10-miles with me today! Spontaneity is not my specialty, but I thought if I was supposed to be able to run 10 tomorrow, why not today! We met up at the early hour of 7:30am, but I had no problem hopping out of bed, as the brightness of the blue skies was streaming into my bedroom.

Because I do not have a fancy shmancy Garmin Forerunner to track my mileage, I would be lying if I said I ran exactly 10.0 miles; yet, I ran for 92 minutes which – give or take – is 10 miles at my average pace.

It is really refreshing to have a change of scenery for exercising and eating. I plan to soak up as much of Humboldt’s finest as I can this week…including big bowls of thick oats. I had a simple, yet satisfying breakfast of banana walnut cinnamon oatmeal after my run + a steaming cup of Japanese Green Tea [inspired by Angela’s awesome post].



Going to pick up my race packet [gotta get my t-shirt, after all] and probably spend some time with the ‘rents today since they aren’t working.

Enjoy your day!



March 13, 2010 at 10:53 AM 6 comments

Forever Full

Hey Guys! I’m really excited to be able to have time this afternoon to write a post…but even more excited about Spring Break when I will have all the time in the world to blog, blog, blog! Hope you’re ready for some ch-ch-changes around here, because Nutrition Nut on the Run will be getting a face lift!

Until then…let’s talk food.

I made the BIGGEST bowl of oats today! Seriously, folks…it was enormous. The pictures don’t do it justice. It wasn’t on purpose that I made oats for army – I didn’t even wake up hungry, stoked about breakfast, like I usually do – it just happened.


Oatmeal Overload

In the mix:

1 1/4 cup water

1/3 cup rolled oats

1/3 cup oat bran

1/4 cup pumpkin

1/2 T ground flax


Top with:

1/2 banana

1 T walnuts

brown sugar & cinnamon

Although my normal ratio of oats to water is 2/3 cup: 1 cup, oat bran expands a lot more than whole oats and pumps up the volume! In the future, I plan to reduce the portions to 1/4 cup.

With a barrel of oatmeal in my stomach I was ready to head to campus and not have to worry about any hunger attacks. When I got home around 1:30pm, the oats still hadn’t thoroughly digested. I know I didn’t need any more food energy [calories], but I ate a light lunch anyway.

Mini GM: 1/2 Frozen Banana + 1/2 cup Almond Milk + 1 Huge Handful of Fresh Spinach

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese + Avocado, Cucumber & Tomato

TJ’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie [times two]

One of my least favorite feelings is that of continuously feeling full. I’m certain my calorie intake was way more than necessary this weekend and am feeling the lasting effects. The late night snacks aren’t helping either. I like going to bed and waking up “comfortably hungry”. I’d ask if you have any advice, but I’m pretty sure the answer is simple: don’t eat as much! Easier said than done, right?

Well, if you’re a reader of Skinny Runner, you know today’s Running Tuesday! I’m hoping a heart-pumping run/spin sesh will sweat out some of my excessive sugary treats [a.k.a. box of TJ’s cookies]. Then I am hopping on over to my bi-monthly Nutrition & Food Association meeting.

Are you participating in Running Tuesday today? If so, share!


~ Hillary

March 9, 2010 at 3:08 PM 7 comments

SUNdays Are For Running

I’ve been sitting here for far too long pondering about something profound to say – some interesting fact to enlighten you with, or topic to spark a conversation – yet, the thoughts aren’t flowing tonight. I’ve got writer’s block. I’m not inclined to write a sequential story of my day because if the idea of that is snore-inducing to me, than it most likely is to you too.

How about a recipe for perfect pumpkin pancakes then? I’ve been needing to use up the 30-oz. can of pumpkin I planned to use for pumpkin yogurt, so today I decided I would test out my roommate’s new waffle maker and make waffles for her + one other =] I easily found a simple recipe online, made a couple of adjustments, and voila…fluffy and moist Belgian pumpkin waffles.

I topped my waffle with 1/2 of a banana, walnuts and real maple syrup…although, a dollop of Greek yogurt and toasted pecans sound like another equally delicious accompaniment.

While my waffles digested, I finished up my Statistics assignments for the upcoming week, and then got on my gear for a run in the sun. My race is 1 week from today, so I made a longer run a high priority for the day. With blue, cloudless skies this wasn’t hard cross off my list. I felt a little sluggish for the first 20 minutes or so – perhaps it was Friday’s ice cream and cookies, Saturday’s 10 lb. Chipotle Burrito Bowl, and/or today’s initial meal of simple carbohydrates  – but I kept turning my iPod louder and louder, and finally got in the groove.

I ran for 62-minutes around the south part of town, near my complex. It isn’t the most scenic area, so a solo 62-minute run takes some true self-motivation. Not once did my legs hint at me that they were tired throughout my run. I felt like the Energizer Bunny, as if I could just run…and run…and run. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon sun. I had to get home to cram for my chemistry exam =[ I’m bummed…I even missed the Oscar entertainment tonight. Chemical reactions are clearly miniscule in life compared to which actress struts the best accessories, but life’s events aren’t always on the same schedule.

Hope you had a beautiful weekend wherever you are!

The Nutrition Nut — always running, or on the run.

March 7, 2010 at 9:42 PM 15 comments

Let The Countdown Begin

I think someone needs to splash some cold water in my face, and say, “Hello, Hillary…you do have a blog, ya know!” Sorry. I certainly have not been maintaining my blogging efforts the past few days. What can I say, the Nutrition Nut has been on the run. I feel as though I spend way too much of my time connected to the World Wide Web, and it is so refreshing to put away my camera, ignore the Internet, and live a life of normalcy – not capturing every move I make – like I did a mere five months ago.

I had a lovely and busy day yesterday away from the web. I slept in [I don’t have class ’til 12:30pm on Thursdays], made a creamy bowl of banana oats, and enjoyed having the house to myself for the morning. Sunshine was seeping through my windows, I had Grooveshark Popular playing, and before I knew it, I was shaking and twisting all around my room. Heck, I probably got a better workout than any 30-minute exercise DVD could give me ; )

After an afternoon of classes, I jetted over to the gym to squeeze in a workout before having to get ready to see Colbie! My roommate snatched the last bike for the 5:00pm spin class, so I was left to pedal alone.

  • 45-minute spin [16.2 mi.] — a little slow?
  • 1.5-mile run — I was cruising!

We rushed home to  scarf down a few bites of food and pretty up before heading back to campus for the concert. Although a small and casual concert, Colbie Caillat was 100% uh-mazing!

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

She sang all my favorite songs flawlessly. Her tour stopped in my hometown today, so my mom and her girlfriends are going to the show tonight. Speaking of home, I am really ready to go home for a week. One week from today, and that’s where I’ll be. Let the countdown to Spring Break begin!

Finally…today: I had a repeat of Tuesday’s delicious oat combo for breakfast before sitting through my final two lectures for the week.

Surprise surprise I went the gym this afternoon — it’s becoming my 2nd home, no? Every Friday I tell myself I am going to go to yoga, but then talk myself out of it. Well, today I made it happen! My body is a tad sore from this week’s previous workouts, so I figured I could use an hour of quality stretching and strengthening. I don’t know why I don’t talk myself into going to yoga more often. I left completely at peace; it was a blissful hour of exercise and wonderful way to end the week.


I ate a quick lunch before heading out to run errands, and consequently it missed the camera’s eye. My grocery bag was extra light today since I like to leave my fridge clean and empty upon leaving town.

I did buy a bag of my favorite chips and dug into them while my dinner was taking a turn in the oven.

Love these!

Tonight’s meal featured the last quarter of my free butternut squash. I told my professor that the squash was used to its full potential : )

Butternut Squash + Brown Sugar, Cinnamon & Real Butter

Organic Baby Spinach, Red Onion, Pepitas & Sweet ‘n’ Tangy Balsamic

Since dinner was so healthy and all, I thought a little Friday treat was in order. Insert Starbucks ice cream and gooey Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chippers – mmm! I don’t know what’s with me and boxed food lately – bad bad bad – but it was rather nice to be able to enjoy warm cookies right after dinner without making havoc in the kitchen.

You know I couldn’t resist a miniature Starbucks carton of ice cream. There’s just no way : )

Alright, friends…now that you have a rough outline of my life since Wednesday, I’m going to go catch up on what ya’ll have been up to.


~ Hillary

March 5, 2010 at 8:27 PM 15 comments

No Pain No Gain

Hi Ya’ll!

Woo…it’s already 8:30pm and I’m just now finishing up my dinner and beginning to blog [it’s quite the process]. I must make it quick tonight though, as I have to study for my 1 exam & 2 quizzes that I have tomorrow [surprise surprise].

Breakfast, oh Breakfast…if only you knew how much I dearly love you.

A reader suggested I try mixing my regular rolled oats and oat bran, so that’s exactly what I did. Oh, and props to me for trying new combinations and going outside of my [food] box lately.

In the mix:

– 1 cup water

– 1/3 cup rolled oats

– 1/3 cup oat bran

– 1/2 T ground flax

– cinnamon


– 1/2 d’anjou pear

– 1 T walnuts

– drizzle of agave

– big splash of 1% milk


I was dreading today’s 3-hour organic chem lab – as we had our first lab exam + 2 labs to finish – but it wasn’t as horrific as I was anticipating, and I came out alive the full 3-hours later. I ate a late lunch after class, including half of a succulent orange and leftover mac & cheese. FYI, Annie’s + Avocado = A-mazing!

Then there was some time wasted before I headed to the gym to get my March move on! I had a fabulous workout:

40-minute spin [15.0 mi.]

20-minute treadmill run [10 minutes @ 6.0mph (incline 2.0), 6 minutes @ 6.6mph, 4 minutes @ 6.8mph]

– 2 x 20 lat pulldown @ 40 lbs.

– 20 side dips each side @ 10 lbs.

– 2 x 10 bicep curl lunges each leg @ 20 lbs.

– 2 x 10 squats @ 20 lbs.

– 2 x 10 “weights-to-chin” @ 20 lbs.

– 2 x 10 “toe-touches” @ 20 lbs.

I can’t believe I didn’t look at the treadmill to see how far I’d run – my guess is around 2.5 miles. I definitely pushed myself tonight, especially with the faster treadmill speed. I know I am strong, but rarely push myself to my maximum potential. They only way to get stronger is by exerting more effort. No pain, no gain!

Dinner: steamed TJ’s Vegetable Gyoza + broccolini with soy sauce, toasted sesame oil & seseame seeds.

You think a few potstickers are going to do it for me after burning all those calories? You’ve got to be kidding. Next was some 0% Greek & Humboldt Honey Granola. I think I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner : )

I’m outta here…

~ Hillary

Question: If you are a blogger and also a college student, as I am, how do you manage your time between studying and keeping up with the blog world? Where and how do you find the discipline to keep yourself away from the screen?

March 2, 2010 at 9:44 PM 17 comments

Oatmeal Observations

Don’t you just love how making one thing in the kitchen can lead to creating another thing, and another…? I do! Well, case in point, yesterday’s successful batch of Cappuccino Chip Muffins got my mind in a coffee-chocolate fix. What else could I concoct with my favorite flavors? Yep…oatmeal! In my mind, oatmeal is a blank canvas – there are endless possibilities…except, I think I’ll stay away from the savory side.

Besides adding espresso and chocolate to my oats today, I also wanted to add another variable to my Sunday science experiment. My dad suggested that I try rinsing my rolled oats before cooking them. Alright, sure…that’s not too difficult. So, I rinsed my 2/3 cup of rolled oats and then cooked them per usual in 1 cup of water.

Oatmeal Observations: The oats did not absorb the water as quickly, resulting in a little bit longer cooking time, and a creamier result. I tend to like my oatmeal thicker than not, but today it just worked.


1 cup water

2/3 cup rolled oats, rinsed

1/2 T ground flax

1/2 T instant espresso powder

1 tsp. pure vanilla

1 T mini chocolate chips

1 T chopped walnuts

+ 1/4 cup 1% milk

Results: A very satisfied scientist with a full belly and espresso buzzzz!


Today’s Agenda: MORE studying, LESS blogging! I’m even bribing myself with coffee by studying at Starbucks this afternoon. Whatever works : ) I hope you have a fabulous Sunday!


~ The Nutrition Nut

February 28, 2010 at 10:36 AM 14 comments

It’s the little things…

Afternoon, friends!  Tuesdays are officially the worst day of the week [in my book], but so far, so good…

I finally got out of bed around 8:15 – an hour later than I had wanted – but I must have needed the extra hour because I was still tired and moody (?) upon waking. I was in the kitchen making my breakfast when my roommate strolls in wearing her pajamas, pours a bowl of cereal, and asks, “Don’t you not have class until 11:00?”. She was right. As I’ve said before, I l.o.v.e. my mornings! I had already showered, gotten dressed and had a pot of oat bran simmering away before she had woken up…and she had class at 9:30! I hate having to rush my morning routine : )

Anywho…my bowl of oat bran today was double delicious! I like oatmeal 12x better than oat bran, but it’s nice to switch it up occasionally. I learned that the key to making a successful bowl of bran is cooking it on LOW heat, and making sure to not overcook it.

1 1/4 cup water

1/2 cup oat bran

1/2 T ground flax

~ 1/4 cup blueberries

~ 1 T chopped walnuts

[TJ’s “baking” walnuts are so convenient!]

~ 1 tsp. agave

splash of 1% milk

A cup of [caffeinated] green tea is becoming a part of my morning routine.


Thankfully, we finished our chemistry lab early today, so I was able to come home to enjoy a hot lunch on this rainy, cold day [bipolar weather, I think so].

brown rice & stir-fried Soyaki tofu + slightly steamed broccolini, carrot & sesame seeds

The brown rice & tofu were left over from last night’s dinner, so I was able to just reheat them and enjoy within minutes. I honestly liked today’s lunch better than yesterday’s dinner – mmm…healthy & delicious!


It’s the little things in life that seem to be bringing me the most happiness right now: a creamy bowl of oats, a hot cup of tea, natural lighting and bright photographs, my reader’s sweet comments, a sweaty workout, a new magazine…

When life get’s tough, what makes you happy?

My muscles are soreness-free, so I’ll be hitting up the gym before my Nutrition & Food Science Association meeting tonight. Elementary Foods exam tomorrow. Statistics exam Thursday. Here we go…

February 23, 2010 at 2:54 PM 12 comments

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