Ode to Oikos

April 15, 2010 at 5:30 AM 2 comments

Let’s talk Greek, shall we? If you don’t know about the newest obsession in dairy land, then I think you’re living on another planet. Thick Greek yogurt is certainly a craze for health enthusiasts. I’ve been consuming it like it’s going to go out of style since discovering it in the fall. You probably can’t count how many times it’s made an appearance on my blog.

A few months ago, Kristina at Stonyfield e.mailed me an offer to send a handful of coupons for free Oikos, their organic Greek yogurt. My response: “yes please and thank you!”


A few days later, I received a cute card in the mail with five coupons; I was so excited to stock up on my Greek. I was unaware, however, that it would take me the next four months to find Oikos anywhere! I swore the delivery truck’s route to California got cancelled. Well, yesterday while shopping at  Raley’s, I spotted the miracle containers at the bottom of the shelf – hooray!


I was able to use a couple of my coupons for two free 5.3 oz. containers. I put the vanilla and honey flavors in my basket to try.


Vanilla vs. Honey [5.3 oz.]

Calories: 110/120

Fat: 0g

Total Carb: 12g/18g

Sugars: 11g/17g

Protein: 15g/13g

Here’s a little info [courtesy of Stonyfield] about the Greek good stuff:

Why is Greek all the rage?

Greek yogurt has an incredibly rich and creamy texture, about twice the protein of regular yogurt, less lactose, and fewer carbs. So it’s no wonder Greek is flying off the shelves.

Our Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt has 0% fat and just 80 calories per serving.* Because it’s organic, Oikos is also better for the earth. And we think it’s better for you too.

Who’s buying Greek yogurt? Athletes looking to add lean protein to their diets. Dieters looking for a snack to fill them up while they slim down. Chefs who use it to add taste and creaminess to their dishes. Foodies who love the authentic taste of Greece. With its incredible combination of taste, creamy texture, and nutrition, Greek yogurt appeals to just about everyone.

*Oikos 5.3 oz. plain yogurt

Organic Meets Authentic

Oikos is the first certified-organic Greek yogurt on the market. Centuries ago, when Greek shepherds made yogurt, everything was organic; rBST and pesticides didn’t exist.

Today, we make our authentic, strained Greek yogurt just as they did years ago: using pure, wholesome ingredients from nature. Our organic ingredients are produced without the use of antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, chemical fertilizers, or toxic and persistent pesticides.


After taste-testing the vanilla flavor with a little homemade granola, I used it to make No Pudge Fudge Brownies; it worked beautifully. Although I enjoyed both the vanilla and honey flavors, I prefer plain yogurt for regular consumption to minimize my carbohydrate/sugar consumption. Which is your favorite flavor?

Greek yogurt is used as a healthy substitute for sour cream and mayonnaise, as well as in a wide variety of recipes. How do you like to use the thick stuff?

THANK YOU to Stonyfield for the generous coupons, and to the Grecian people for inventing the cream of the crop in dairy land. Someday I’ll make it to Santorini, where I will consume mountains of this delicacy while starting out at the Mediterranean…that’s the plan ; )



Psssttt. Oikos GIVEAWAY @ fANNEtastic food – go enter to win free Greek!


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  • 1. hundredtenpounds  |  April 15, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    I wasn’t sure what the big deal was about Greek Yogurt until I tried it. I’ve now stopped eating the other kinds of yogurt because they are PACKED with sugar! Too sweet for me.

  • 2. Donna Parker  |  April 16, 2010 at 6:55 AM

    I often substitute yogurt for the mayo in tuna salad. My spouse can always tell because of the tell tale whey runoff. He may never be able to tell when I use the creamy Greek stuff:)


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