Missing: Nutrition Nut

November 19, 2009 at 10:51 PM Leave a comment

Long time no talk post! I apologize. My week has been craaazy to say the least. I honestly can not remember what my last meal was, and that’s unusual! Thank goodness for pictures. I had to wake up real early again this morning…it was still dark out as I ate my breakfast.

plain nonfat Greek yogurt with pumpkin butter, 1/2 banana & walnuts

+ 1 Van’s Multigrain Waffle with my aunt’s homemade apricot jam

After lab, I hit up the gym for a quickie:

  • 15 minutes stationary bike
  • 15 minutes stairmaster
  • 15 minutes strength training with 15lb. barbell

Next stop: Starbucks. I was rather hungry, and had been dreaming of a (decaf) soy latte all morning. It was the perfect treat to hold me over ’til lunch. I was so happy to see that Starbucks  had ‘decked their halls’ with seasonal specilities. Ahhh, I just love holidays…especially Christmas!

After I showered and got ready for the remainder of the day, I searched my bare fridge for something to put together for lunch. I have been trying to be semi-creative with the ingredients I’ve got since I will away for 10 days and am not about to go shopping. I found some veggies, hummus, and TJ’s sesame flatbread crackers – yum.

After round two of classes, my stomach was giving me a loud signal that I was hungry. Oddly enough, I was craving a hot bowl of oatmeal. So…at 4:00pm, I pulled out Mr. Quaker’s goodness, topping it off with cinnamon, brown sugar and walnuts. I also ate the last ripe banana – it was too lonesome by itself in the fruit bowl : )

Now that my tummy had some nutrients to play with, I was out the door again to run pre-road trip errands. I don’t prefer shopping in the dark (it just seems like a daytime activity), but some things had to get done. When I finally arrived back home, I was surprisingly not hungry for any type of dinner. Good thing my hearty snack held me over because I didn’t have much in the way for dinner anyway. I did fix myself a cup of Echinacea Complete Care tea to help unwind from the day, along with a couple Dove Peppermint Bark Dark Chocolates that I discovered at Target today.

I’m off to my “second home” in the morning, the beautiful Sonoma County. I will most likely be away from the blogosphere for 24-36 hours, but the Nutzo Nutrition Nut will return ASAP.

Sweet dreams,

~ Hillary

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